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QuanTVm Stick FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The QuanTVm Stick is a very sophisticated, and delicate piece of technology. Be gentle when plugging in the power cable and HDMI cable into the QuanTVm Stick. You should not force the power cable into the stick, and only plug it in as far as it is met with the least resistance.

The external antenna must NOT be tampered with. The tape holding the antenna to the outer shell is a complex piece of circuitry that is also part of the antenna. Removing this tape, or tearing it will make your QuanTVm Stick inoperable.

Once your QuanTVm Stick is plugged into the TV and power source, there is no need to adjust or move it, unless taking it with you for travel.

The QuanTVm Stick warranty will be void if there is any evidence of tampering with the external antenna, or any damage to the internal components as a result of forcibly plugging in the power or HDMI plugs.

Is the QuanTVm Stick the right product for me?

The QuanTVm Stick is essentially a mini computer running the latest android operating system. This means that it works as easily as operating a tablet. Like any new tech gadget, it will take some practice figuring out the minor subtleties, but after a short while you will become an expert at troubleshooting any issue that may come your way.

There are a number of ways to stream movies and TV on the QuanTVm Stick, but our preferred method is the pre-installed app called 'Kodi'. Think of Kodi as a computer, within a computer. Kodi's functions depend on the QuanTVm Stick's settings, ie: internet connectivity, correct date and time, memory, internet connection speed, proximity to your router, etc. Kodi will not function properly if these specific requisites are not met. In addition, Kodi is dependent on the functionality of 'add-ons', most of which work flawlessly, and some that do not.

In short, the QuanTVm Stick IS for everyone, however, using the Kodi app may sometimes require a bit of critical thinking, simple troubleshooting, and a bit of practice for the the first few weeks. We encourage you to ask questions and share your successes on our Facebook page.

Is streaming TV Shows and Movies from the internet illegal?

No. The laws state that Downloading, Possessing, distributing or profiting from copywrited material is illegal. When you are streaming a TV Show or movie you are not downloading it and are never in possession of it. Once the TV Show or Movie is done streaming all of the data from that stream is gone from your unit.

A recent EU ruling confirmed that streaming is legal even if the content is copyrighted. As long as an Internet user is streaming copyrighted content online, then it’s legal for the user, who isn’t willfully making a copy of said content. If the user only views it directly through a web browser, streaming it from a website that hosts it, he or she is doing nothing wrong. As long as the media players do not download copy or store media, which would be illegal. They simply facilitate streaming of media content which is legal.

Do you offer technical support and customer support for your products?

We offer both technical support and customer support via our comprehensive FAQ on our website and our Facebook community page. We will do our best to respond to email within 12 hours, but encourage you to read through the entire FAQ before making contact. Email for support or questions can be sent to

If you feel that you require more support, we offer a 3-month paid support option that allows access to direct Facebook messenger chat, and remote login into your device if needed. Purchase this service online and send a message with your order number and we will contact you ASAP.

When I try to run Kodi, it is showing a blank screen

We have been hearing from a lot of people who have opened Kodi to watch their favorite streams only to find a blank black screen! This can be very frustrating when you are sitting down to watch a new movie or one of your favorite TV shows.

Not to worry, there is nothing wrong with your QuanTVm Stick. If this is happening here is a quick way to fix this and you will be streaming again in no time:

  1. Click on the “settings” tab on the main screen
  2. Click on “other” at the top of the screen, then click “more settings”.
  3. Scroll down and click the “apps” link.
  4. Click the “Kodi” app
  5. Click the “force stop” button on the screen, then click the “clear cache”. DO NOT CLICK CLEAR DATA!
  6. Go back to the main screen and launch Kodi again.

This will fix the blank screen problem.

TO PREVENT this from happening again, make sure to properly close the Kodi app when not using it. The way to properly close out of Kodi is to click the “power button” logo in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Do you guarantee the quality of the streams?

No. We cannot guarantee the quality, durability, longevity or integrity of the streams. These streams originate with 3rd party entities and are completely out of our control or influence. Having said that, as long as you have a good quality broadband connection you will always experience a more than satisfactory streams. The vast majority of streams are good to great quality, many are HD quality. If a stream is not adequate or of a poor quality, there are many many more available, it’s just a matter of clicking on them.

Help with Kodi Streaming Issues

REASON: This is an occurrence that we come across every day when streaming. It’s the nature of the beast so to speak. The developers who make these add-ons write code that will bring MANY streaming sources to one place. Along with all of the great sources comes some that will not work.

SOLUTION: This is an easy fix. We recommend that you try multiple links for streaming. For instance, one of the best add-ons for Movies and TV shows is Exodus. If you try a link that does not work in Exodus, simply try the next one on the list. You WILL find a stream that works. It does take a couple of tries sometimes, but it sure beats paying for cable! Also, please try different add-ons and apps to find the same content. To see which add-ons to check out. For example, Phoenix is an amazing movie, TV and sports streaming add-on, as well as Specto which is arguably better than Exodus. We have preconfigured the QuanTVm Stick with all of these add-ons for you!

REASON: There could be a couple of reasons behind this issue. It could be your Internet speed, the distance from your router, or the functionality of the router. It could also be the quality of the stream you have selected.

SOLUTION: The first solution has to do with your Internet speed. The easiest way to check your Internet speed is to run the Speed Test App from your device, or another device connected to your home network. Google search for “internet speed test” and you will see a variety of free speed tests to choose. The speeds that we recommend for streaming are as followed:

Standard Definition Minimum 2Mbps
Standard Definition recommended 5Mbps
High Definition Minimum 5Mbps
High Definition recommended 10Mbps

If you are getting these speeds you should not be having any issues, but if you are still experiencing these issues, try choosing another stream, or taking things a bit further and clearing the cache in Kodi.

To clear the cache in Kodi or other apps:

Click the “settings” tab on the launch screen.

Click the “other” tab at the top of the screen.

Click “more settings”.

Scroll down to the “apps” heading and click that.

Choose the Kodi app and choose the “clear cache” option.

If you are NOT getting these speeds there are a couple of things you can do. First, reset your router by unplugging the router for one minute. During this time also unplug the QuanTVm Stick. After the minute is up plug in the router first and then plug in the QuanTVm Stick. This can help increase the speed that the QuanTVm Stick will get for a WiFi connection.

Second, make sure your box is close to your router. We recommend that the QuanTVm Stick be within 10 feet of your router to ensure you will get the best signal for a WiFi connection.

The last fix for this is to contact your Internet Service Provider to make sure you are getting the speed for which you are paying. They may be experiencing an issue and alerting them can help you get the speed you need. Also, contact your router manufacturer to make sure the router is working correctly to give all of your devices the correct speed.

REASON: Unfortunately this does happen, and sometimes it happens pretty often. Developers stop working on add-ons for many different reasons. It may be down for good, or you may just have to wait a couple of hours for the next update to fix issues with the add-on.

SOLUTION: Try multiple add-ons! This sounds so simple but it is the best way to find the content you are wanting to stream. Please reference the article in Issue #1 to get a good idea of what add-ons to try.

Does the content in KODI update when new content comes out?

Yes, all of the KODI Add-ons that come preloaded on our units update their content offerings daily. This means that you can watch all of the latest video releases the same day they are added to the KODI Add-on.

Can the QuanTVm Stick be used on multiple TV’s?

The QuanTVm Stick can run one TV at a time. However due to its small size and ease of hooking it up it can be moved from TV to TV very easily. You can even take it with you traveling, and enjoy the same entertainment that you do at home.

Can Multiple QuanTVm Sticks be used in one household on one internet connection?

Yes, multiple QuanTVm Sticks can be used at one time off of the same internet connection. Please note that multiple QuanTVm Sticks running at the same time will demand a faster internet connection. We recommend at least 5 Mbps per unit.

How do I Turn Off the QuanTVm Stick?

A lot of customers ask us why sometimes KODI doesn’t start up, or it just displays a black screen. We ask them how they are turning off their QuanTVm Stick and KODI. We are usually told that users simply press the red ‘Power’ button on the remote no matter what the box is doing at the time.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: KODI is like a ‘computer within a computer’. It is its own operating system and thus needs to be shutdown correctly after each use. Think of it like using some software on your PC and then pressing the power button whilst the software is still running. Pretty soon your software isn’t going to run very smoothly as it hasn’t had chance to tidy away the files it was using before closing down. Please see below our recommendations for keeping KODI running smoothly.

It is very important that KODI is exited from in the correct manner. The way to do this is from the KODI home screen, for the older Confluence skin, navigate down to the small ‘Power’ icon in the bottom left corner of the screen and select it. If using the new Aeon interface, scroll along the menu ribbon to the option ‘SHUTDOWN’ or ‘POWER’ and select quit below) A pop up window saying ‘EXIT’ will appear. Choose this to exit back into the Android home screen. This will shut down KODI safely.

Exiting out of KODI in any other way can result in a corrupted configuration. The following are examples of exiting KODI incorrectly:

Pressing the ‘Home’ button on the remote, whilst in KODI to take you back to Android home screen

Pressing the red power button on the remote to switch off the whole box whilst within KODI.

Removing the power chord from the back of the box whilst in KODI or whilst in Android (the box must always be powered off using the red power button on remote first, before removing the power chord)

The same can be said for exiting out of android. The red power button on the remote needs to be used to shut the box down, and only once it is on standby can the power chord be removed.

Are there any extra charges or monthly fees that I would need to pay for?

Absolutely not! All of the content and programs that come preloaded on the QuanTVm Stick are completely free. We will never ask for monthly fees. Programs Like Netflix and Hulu still require a monthly subscription. All apps in KODI we load in the QuanTVm Stick are always FREE.

I have Netflix and Hulu account, can I still use Netflix and Hulu on the QuanTVm Stick?

There is a Netflix & Hulu app that can be downloaded from the Play Store and used to view your Netflix account. You also need Paid VPN service to use Netflix since its Geo Blocked. You can also use Free VPN service app which we loaded into the QuanTVm Stick.

Why are my movies buffering so much and why are some of the add-on’s not working correctly?

The Add-ons that come pre-programmed on your QuanTVm Stick are just some of our favorites. Each Add-on is managed and owned by a third party and has no reflection as to how our box performs. Some of the third party Add-ons may experience slow buffering times, less than perfect quality or may go down from time to time. This is not a perfect system but it does help you save money on cable! Our biggest recommendation would be to become familiar with KODI by going to Google and doing some research first.

We will not refund any QuanTVm Stick units due to the Add-ons not performing correctly as there are over 1000 different repositories and Add-ons available for your use. For more information regarding the different repositories or Add-ons, please go to Google and search KODI or TVAddons. If this still does not satisfy, our paid support option allows us to remote control your QuanTVm Stick and install custom add-ons for you!

The QuanTVm Stick is an amazing device capable of saving you THOUSANDS of dollars per year. There are certain nuances and things to learn to make the best use of this stick. One of the biggest pieces of advice is to try multiple links and multiple add-ons/apps. We will always do our best to assist with troubleshooting the box or point you in the right direction when certain add-ons are not working. However, we DO NOT host, develop, or run any of the add-ons on the box.

I cannot connect to the internet

Click on the settings section on the home screen. Make sure your WIFI is showing that it is connected, and if not, select your SSID, enter your password, and you should be connected. If you need to change these settings later, go back into settings on the home screen, then click on 'other settings'. You will see a menu with several items- look for the WIFI section, and you can make adjustments there. You can edit previous settings, delete settings, and add new settings here.

My TV says that the resolution of my device is not supported

On some TV's you may receive an error that the resolution is not supported. This is rare, but if it happens it could be that a setting was changed on your QuanTVm Stick. Connect your QuanTVm Stick to an alternate TV so that you can get into the settings. Go to the settings section on the main screen, then click on 'display'. It may already be set to 1080p resolution, which is fine in most cases, but if you are getting this error, switch this setting to 'auto'. This should fix your problem.

I am unable to download from the google play store, the internet browser is not working

Check your internet settings. The QuanTVm Stick will not function properly if it is not connected to the internet. While Kodi and other apps may open and appear to be working, they are not. One way to see if the QuanTVm Stick is connected to the internet is to open up the web browser and perform a simple search. If nothing comes up or you are getting errors, then you are NOT connected to the internet and need to check your settings.


Click on the settings section on the home screen. Make sure your WIFI is showing that it is connected, and if not, select your SSID, enter your password, and you should be connected. If you need to change these settings later, go back into settings on the home screen, then click on 'other settings'. You will see a menu with several items- look for the WIFI section, and you can make adjustments there. You can edit previous settings, delete settings, and add new settings here.

The QuanTVm Stick keeps restarting over and over

This means that the QuanTVm Stick is not getting enough power, or the power cord is loose. While it is very convenient to power your QuanTVm Stick through your TV's USB port, in some cases, it is just not enough. Instead of powering the QuanTVm Stick through the TV's USB port, use the included wall adapter. This should alleviate the problem.

If you still want to try powering the QuanTVm Stick using your TV's USB port without using the wall adapter, you might also want to swap the power cable that came with the keyboard. Use the keyboard recharging cable to power the QuanTVm Stick, and the QuanTVm Stick's original power cable to charge your keyboard. The connection may be tighter on one vs the other.

My keyboard is no longer working

Check the battery, and check it again! The design of the keyboard's battery section has a small lip that sometimes does not allow the battery to fully sit onto the metal contacts. It's really easy to miss, but even easier to spot if you look closely. Make sure the battery is fully encased in the battery compartment where the contacts are fully touching. After a fall or a shake, the battery can be easily dislodged.

My movie and TV show searches show results from the year 1970!

When the QuanTVm Stick is not shut down properly, or not given sufficient time to load fully before opening Kodi, the date and time does not have an opportunity to auto-set. If you notice erratic search results, or search results coming back with very very old movies, exit Kodi properly, and give the QuanTVm Stick some time to auto adjust the date and time. You can speed up this process by going into 'settings' on the home screen, then to 'other settings' where a full menu of options is displayed. Look for the date and time section, and make adjustments within. It is always best to leave the auto adjust selected. Once the date has been restored to the current date, re-open Kodi and the issue is resolved.

When I chose a stream, I am asked to visit a website, what do I do?

Use another device that is connected to the same network (ie, your phone, ipad, tablet, computer, etc) and go to the address. The websites are SAFE, and they are ways for the streaming services to make money in advertisements so that they can continue to provide free streaming.

If you chose, you can cancel and go to a different stream, however, in general the stream that is asking for you to visit a site is a bit more robust and will have less buffering issues.

I am getting strange lines or bad resolution

Make sure you check your HDMI cord. If you are using the extender, make sure the extender is connected properly on the TV and the QuanTVm Stick. Try connecting to another TV to make sure the problem is not with your TV. Try plugging into your TV without using the extender, to see if there is a bad connection with the extender that is causing the issue.

My keyboard touch-pad mouse is not working or acting erratically

The battery needs to be charged. You can use the keyboard while it is plugged in charging.

We hope that this helps with some of the issues and allows you to spend your time on more fulfilling and important things than talking on the phone with customer service. However, we do know that things change and we also know that there are many other things that users encounter. If you have any ideas on what we should add or any other helpful tips please email us at

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